Our Story

We are a Sports Protective Apparel Company that started in 2019 after my son suffered a traumatic head injury in basketball camp. Daylen collided with a player and struck his head on the ground.

It was a very scary ride to the hospital. Daylen was diagnosed with a fracture in his skull, damaged ear canal and suffered a concussion. We went under strict orders from the neurologist to follow protocol so his brain and skull fracture would heal properly. No electronics, no TV, or even reading. Anything that would stress the brain.

After four months Daylen evenly wanted to play again. I told him he could play basketball if we found a protective head band for him to wear. We spent hours looking and couldn't find anything that was normal. He didn't want to be the odd kid with a head guard. He asked how come I can't make my own and Ram Head Sports was born that day. I hope our story is inspiring and we are working hard to bring awareness and protect others after what Daylen went through. 

Thank you, 

 Daylen & John Lopes

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